3 Best spots in Camberwell for the fashionable lady in aged care

3 Best spots in Camberwell for the fashionable lady in aged care | Aged Care Weekly

If you love fashion and shopping, Camberwell is the perfect place to go for your season in aged care. Camberwell junction is the fashion hub for elegant women; with many shops that carry lines of classy, stylish, modern clothes and charming accessories.

There is a myth that tends to spread in the fashion world, which is that older women in aged care only want to shop for ‘old women’s clothes’. When in fact, many older women find clothes marketed to their age group old fashioned. These women not only want to stay current, but they want to feel confident in their clothes. Numo Dikazir, interviewee in the BBC podcast Japan – Easy Ways To Grow Old Part 1’ shares “these easy-to-wear clothes and shoes for older people are clothes that we associate with our mothers. I would not wear such unstylish clothes. It doesn’t feel as if the elderly shopping strip caters for my generation of older people”.

“The majority of women want to look good, regardless of age” explains fashion editor Alyson Walsh, in the Guardian’s article Fashion Wakes Up To Older Women’ . “I am 53 and simply want to look healthy, stylish and modern, not younger. And I want to be relevant, even with my wrinkles.”

Whilst women want to embrace more modern clothes, women are being haunted by the phrase ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. This comment implies that an older person is trying to wear a younger person’s clothes and ‘isn’t pulling them off’. This is an unfair comment, which implies that older women can’t wear current clothes without looking unusual. But, in my opinion, the ‘mutton’ look has most likely been depicted from someone who has chosen ill-fitted, ill-coloured and ill-styled clothes. (Bright Fuchsia Pink lipstick on a mature skin – no thanks!) The key is to know which clothes are flattering for your shape, match your colour palette and which sizes you feel comfortable in.

Are you looking for clothes to feel confident in? Your season in aged care, retirement or a nursing home, is not a write off for your season of fashion. Here are 3 great places that you can find modern, flattering, affordable clothes in Camberwell.

Country Road

Country Road, located on Riversdale Rd, Camberwell, is well known for being ahead of trend. You may have heard of their trademark ‘Country Road bag’, which has become the go-to carry bag for short trips and overnight stays. Whilst they have a great selection of every-day basics, they have a great balance of both formal and casual. Shoppers can rely on Country Road to find a modern, edgy outfit for every occasion, without being too overdone. If you’re a Melbourne-born lady like myself, who constantly relies on only a nude or black colour palette, you’ll like Country Road!


Cue store, located on Burke Rd, Camberwell, is well known for its Australian made clothes and unique designs. These designs have a fresh, modern feel and are colourful and fun. They are modest in their look, but thoughtfully shaped, so the items are flattering on all sizes. Also, Cue’s clothes are made with only the best quality materials, so they retain their colour and shape for a long time.

Blue Illusion

Blue Illusion, closely located to Cue, is a suitable choice for a someone who flourishes in a summer palette. Lots of light, cool, bright colours and flowy linen to match the fun, colourful accessories. These outfits would set you up for a weekend in the ‘Hamptons’ beaches in New York!

Some other great stores in Camberwell are Seed, Witchery, Trenery, Echo and Sussan. Also, for everyday basics, there’s nothing wrong with popping into Target Camberwell! These shops are also surrounded by lots of aged care-friendly cafes, which are a great place to stop for lunch. For more information about the aged care-friendly environment in Camberwell and its surrounding areas, click here.

The best part is, shopping with a loved one is not only fun, but a great opportunity to spend quality time together, without the intensity of a face-to-face conversation or the burden of hosting. So if your elderly loved one lives in an aged care facility, residential care or a nursing home in Camberwell, Surrey Hills, Box Hill or Burwood, take advantage of Camberwell’s many aged-care friendly features.

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