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App for Senior Carers Helps Them Find Support

App for Senior Carers Helps Them Find Support

Finally, there is an app for senior family carers that can help them find support from their community. Palliative Care Australia (PCA) announced the release of a mobile app called AllowMe! two months ago. It aims to help those who are caring for seniors with life-limiting illnesses by utilising people in their community. The app enables them to seek help in doing practical tasks so they can focus on caring for the elderly more. These can include walking the dogs, providing meals, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, etcetera.

App for Senior Family Carers Teaches Us That Palliative Care Can Be Hard

The app for senior family carers provides awareness on how hard palliative care can be. Friends and family members who attend to seniors with terminal diseases share their experiences. They open everyone’s eyes with regards to the rewards and challenges of doing their roles. They make people realise that often, it is harder to ask for help from extended families. Plus, the anticipatory grief that they feel also hampers them from juggling everything. On the other hand, the sufferer faces their own battles. Understandably, reaching the end of life isn’t easy. Acceptance may be hard and they may even find it difficult to stay connected with their network. They may frequently feel isolated too.

Features of the App for Senior Carers

The app for senior carers have essential features for themselves, the care receivers, and the community members. However, some functions may not be visible to the community volunteers.

The key functions include:

1. The Planner

This allows the carers and care recipients to add tasks and events that the community members can assist with. Likewise, they can add appointments and medication reminders, which are not visible to the community. The community volunteers can provide suggestions or offer help other than the tasks. On the other hand, the carers and care receivers can nominate who they think can assist them.

2. Newsfeed

Here, everyone can share updates and photos.

3. Resources

This provides everyone with some information about dying and end-of-life, which are mainly from PCA sources.

4. Journal

This feature is only visible to the carers and the care recipients. They can record how they feel here especially when someone visits and lends some assistance. Additionally, it has a pain scale for the elderly.

Other Things to Do Using the App for Senior Carers

Aside from the key features mentioned above, there are other things everyone can do using the app. Some of these are updating the visiting times so the community volunteers can check when they can come. Moreover, it can also be used as a platform to campaign for palliative and end-of-life care. This makes people become part of the happiness and grief of caring for a terminally-ill or dying senior. It provides easy access to help and assistance on the part of the carers and care recipients. Furthermore, it is a great avenue for concerned community members to provide help in little ways.

How The App for Senior Carers Changes Lives

Volunteering for something worthwhile isn’t just self-fulfilling. The help extended also goes a long way in making the quality of life of the carers and recipients better. There is no small or huge amount of help that doesn’t count. This is because palliative and end-of-life care can be really exhausting. More than the gratitude of the carers and care recipients, it provides a sense of accomplishment. It only goes to show that everyone can be part of an elderly’s journey in this particular phase of their lives. On the side of the carers, they get relief knowing that help is possible through the app for senior carers. The app allows them to focus on caring for the sufferer because people have ‘got their backs’. They no longer have to worry so much about mundane tasks like grocery shopping, driving, and others simple things. Generally, the app is useful for everyone. Thanks to nib foundation for tying up with PCA in developing this app.


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