Book Review: Makeup and Beauty for Older Women

'Living the Life More Fabulous' is all about makeup and beauty for older women.

Do you struggle to find makeup products that actually work for older skin? Do you want makeup brands to celebrate you rather than tell you to look younger? Do you wonder how to do eye makeup so that it looks stunning, not tragic? There’s a book for you.

“Our society seems to value older women only if they’re ageing youthfully,” writes Tricia Cusden in her book ‘Living the Life More Fabulous’. “Older women must have ‘ageless style’, whatever that means, and keep fighting the seven, eight, nine or however many signs of ageing you are not supposed to have. You won’t find that narrative in this book.”

Few people ever challenge the term ‘anti-ageing’ – and yet it is the premise on which so many beauty brands are based.

Tricia Cusden

Instead, you’ll find a wealth of easy-to-follow guidance on makeup, personal style, and self-confidence. Tricia, now 73, has spent the last eight years showing older women how to fully embrace their beauty through online tutorials, consultations, and her own makeup and skincare range. Her business Look Fabulous Forever combines these services and championsthe ‘third age’ as a time of new confidence and joyful self-expression.  

It’s not about eternal youth, but about accepting and embracing the ageing process.

This is an empowering book on many levels, and Tricia is clear that beauty is not just on the outside. There are seven chapters covering makeup and skincare, style, hair, and those other aspects of fabulousness: confidence, fitness, food, and attitude. The tips are illustrated by plenty of gorgeous photos of older women, including Tricia herself. Case studies and anecdotes throughout the book add depth and relatability.

Image: Living the Life More Fabulous

Older women can rock makeup

This first chapter goes in-depth on how to make makeup fun, easy, and quick while getting the results you want. It covers what to consider when choosing makeup products, and the ideal process for applying it to unify skin tone, create definition, and nail eye makeup – even with glasses. It includes the tools you need to be your own makeup artist, and five makeup routinesfor different situations – from ‘quick and easy’ to ‘special occasions’ to makeup for a fake tan.

There is something about the combination of silvery white hair and red lips that is alluring in the best possible way.

Tricia Cusden

Style is personal

Tricia is passionate about style. Style, she explains, is personal, while fashion is fleeting.This chapter gives great tips on creating a wardrobe that reflects who you are (and the photos are stunning).

I have come to the conclusion that the best approach is to become less concerned about the latest fashion and more focused on creating a ‘look’ which reflects our personality, lifestyle, self-image, size and shape.

Tricia Cusden

There’s advice on choosing your colour palette (hint: it’s not all about eye and hair colour). There’s tips on shopping for your body shape. And in a funapproach, Trish takes us throughnine ‘style tribes’ to use as inspiration for creating your own unique look.

Hair: drop the social conditioning

What common judgements can you think of about longer hair on older women? What about “going grey”? What about long, grey hair on older women?

Tricia dismisses these social rules on the basis that “we have earned the right to style our hair in whatever way we choose”. She does advise getting a good haircut and provides guidance on face shape, hair care, transitioning to grey, and the virtues of white or grey hair. Still want to dye? It’s important to choose the right colour – and your childhood shade might not be the right one!

Confidence is part of beauty for older women.
Image: ‘Living the Life More Fabulous’

Beauty: the whole package

The remaining chapters (a bit less than half the book) go beyond surface beauty. With warmth and eloquence Tricia addresses the ageist stereotypes and attitudes that too often erode the confidence of women over forty. She also gives readers a kick up the butt to challenge their own attitudes, excuses, and age-related beliefs that get in the way of their right to be utterly fabulous.

There are plenty of fabulous older women out there, being just as clever, knowledgeable and vibrant as ever.

Tricia Cusden

The fitness and food chapters go into detail on the aspects of exercise and diet most helpful for looking and feeling great. It’s not just well-researched – Tricia weaves in personal stories and inspiring case studies. It also includes tips on finding meaningful motivation and goal setting for lasting success.

Tricia’s writing is inspiring, warm, and very readable. I’m so glad Tricia is doing the work that she’s doing, celebrating true beauty and showing others how to live life fabulously.

‘Living the Life More Fabulous’ is an inspired perspective on life and beauty, from a woman who walks her talk.

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