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Family Fun Day at Regis East Malvern

Family Fun Day at Regis East Malvern

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Looking for a family event this long weekend? Regis Malvern East is hosting their annual Family Fun Day from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, January 27 at 400 Waverley Road, Malvern East, Melbourne.

There will be attractions for all ages with face painting and balloon animals, live music and lawn bowls, a BBQ lunch and an ice cream van. Bring along your puppy for the Pampered Pooch parade (prizes for the best-dressed pooch).

The day will build family and community connections as well as being a lot of fun, according to Regis East Malvern Facility Manager Mrs Justine Colville.

A community, and a sense of – I always describe it as a sense of family – is critical to good aged care

Families come together

“So when we put on special events, it encourages families to come and visit and helps people to maintain those connections with their families,” Mrs Colville said.

“Sometimes we might have (it) very family focussed, or more of an adult focus, but everything is about having fun with the residents, and it’s about what they want to do.”

Original residents Leslie and John say the day brings residents and their families together.

“We love to see people with great-grandchildren and families. A lot of the residents here are very old,” Leslie said.

“We love the families, we love the atmosphere, we love the face painting… We look forward to the ice cream and we look forward to the animals.”

More events to come

According to Mrs Colville, Regis East Malvern holds various events throughout the year.

“Some events might be an evening engagement with a guest speaker, who might be speaking about a specific topic, so I suppose that is that sort of ongoing learning and education which is good for our residents, good for our families,” Mrs Colville said.

Last year residents decided to celebrate the facility’s first birthday. They did this with a demonstration by world-class ballroom dancers!

“So they put on a beautiful, beautiful display of ballroom dances and then they would do some dancing with the residents as well, which many of our residents loved because many of our residents can dance ballroom as well.”

“So our residents let us know what they want to do and we do our best to actually make that happen for them.”


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