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Weight Management Program for Everyone

Weight Management Program for Everyone


Weight management has been made accessible through a free program. This program was organized by the Walk and Talk Mitchelton group funded by the Heart Foundation. Its focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle through walking and to make weight loss program available for everyone.

Residents of Brisbane have benefited from the program by walking at the local park in groups. Many of them said that they have never felt better. According to Kerri Arnold, the group organizer, walking is an essential exercise both for the physical and mental health.

To encourage more people to participate, the group meets at least once a week. They walk together for around 30 minutes.

One walker attests that since she started walking a year ago, she has felt better and has even lost 15 kilos without doing any other exercise and weight management program.

Walking Groups for Weight Management and More

The Heart Foundation runs a dozen walking groups. These groups are organized in various parts of the country, from the Gold Coast to the Caboolture.

Since there are various participants in each walking group, they are divided into sub-groups based on their fitness levels and walking abilities. For instance, the fast walkers are grouped together, and those with slow to medium pace form another group. This is to ensure that each member of the group will be able to walk according to his/her pace, target distance and weight management goal.

Each group also cater to the various needs of the members. There are groups who are comprised of mothers, there are those who walk with their dogs, there are senior groups, and so on.

Weight Management for Seniors

One of the interesting groups is the Stafford City Steppers. They are composed of seniors who are keen on living a healthy lifestyle and following a weight management program at their own pace.

Many seniors are happy that such walking groups have been made accessible to people like them. They said that it helps them exercise and keep their heart healthy. The good thing about walking is that it is free and more suitable to seniors. They can stay healthy without relying on expensive exercise equipment. As said by the organized of Stafford City Steppers, walking is something that anybody and everybody could do. So it is really for everyone.

Because of the effect of walking programs for fitness and weight management, it is getting a big boost from the government. The Australian government has just, in fact, announced that it will fund $1.1 million to the Heart Foundation Walking program for the next four years.

Another walking program, 10,000 Steps, is also receiving $800,000 for the next three years. The success of the initial walking groups encouraged others to form their own. In fact, there are 72 new groups that are set to hit the streets of Queensland. More than 6000 new walkers are expected to join in.

This is a great development for the country in terms of weight management and healthy lifestyle.


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