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Fun Senior Activities in Camberwell this Halloween

Fun Senior Activities in Camberwell this Halloween

Wondering what fun senior activities you can do this Halloween? Mark your calendar because October 31st is a time for fun! Halloween would not be complete without the goodies. So be sure to get your goodies in Camberwell!

Whether you’re looking for movies, costumes, candies, foods or decor, there are places in Camberwell that you can go to. You can celebrate Halloween at your home, in your neighbourhood, or the public areas around Camberwell Junction. Because Halloween is not only for kids, it can be part of fun senior activities as well.

We made a list of places where you can shop your goodies, tricks, and treats.

Creative Activities for Seniors

If you want some arty fun you can make crafts, decorations and costumes yourself. In fact, head into Riot Art and Craft or Target. There, you can get everything you need. You can get cardboard, glitter, face paint and much more. You can also get Halloween-ready items like candle holders, skulls, spider webs and candy bowls. Spooooky!

Dress Up

Do you want to dress up as a zombie, a superhero or a tin-man? There are surely lots of fun senior activities when you’re in Camberwell this Halloween. You can find suitable costumes really easily. Put your cool outfit together by visiting any of these stores: The Gift Bargain Store, Salvo’s, or Beyond’s Homewares.

While most stores only sell costumes for children, you can find costumes for all ages at Dymocks Camberwell.

Make Treats at Home

Are you tired of going out? Well, you can still have fun. You can just stay at home and do some baking. You can even do this with your grandchildren. Wouldn’t that be fun? A good time together with the family.

You can create graveyard cupcakes, sneaky creepy cake and much more. Just let your imagination do the work. Who says senior activities need to be outdoors?

Also, you can get ingredients that are specifically for Halloween. Head on straight to The Source Bulk Foods. While shopping, drop by at Sweeties Fruits and Nuts for a selection of candies and lollies. If you need chocolates, you can visit Chocolate Box as well.

Library Events

This may be the perfect Halloween event for seniors. You can come with your children and grandchildren. There is a Halloween-themed library event in Camberwell Library on October 31. And yes, don’t forget to wear your cool and creepy costumes!

Now, who says Halloween is only for kids? Seniors can have fun too at this time of the year. Fun seniors’ activities are just waiting around the corner here in Camberwell!


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