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integratedliving provides whole new world of home care

integratedliving provides whole new world of home care

After retirement, it’s inevitable that life slows down, and for some, that can mean a less active and social lifestyle. One’s ability to stay connected to family, friends and the community is key to health and wellness as we age. Through the support of integratedliving Australia’s home care services, over 65’s are being afforded the option to stay in their own homes longer, living independently with the assistance they need at their fingertips.

6th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards

Awarded top honours at the 6th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards, integratedliving Australia are now proudly recognised as the best in eldercare product and service delivery across the Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific’s Best Home Care Operator

As a leading non–profit aged and home care services provider, integratedliving Australia offers customised health services and in-home support across rural, regional and remote areas of Australia ensuring their customers canstay in their own homes and communities longer.

integratedliving Australia CEO Ms Catherine Daley, who accepted the award at Singapore’s Marina Bay Convention Centre on Thursday 17 May, said taking the category crown from a field of seven finalists, was a proud moment for the organisation.

“To be named Asia Pacific’s Best Home Care Operator is exceptionally exciting for our 1,100 team members and recognition of their tireless commitment to providing the best health, care, and social services, to thousands of Australians across the country,” Ms Daley said.

award-winning support and programs

integratedliving Australia offers a vast range of services and support and has a team of over 1,000 caring professionals that can provide social assistance, domestic help, transport, personal care, respite support for carers, as well as a suite of wellness programs designed to promote customers to engage in education, early intervention, strength and capacity building.

Supporting over 20,000 customers across regional, rural and remote areas over the past year, the team at integratedliving Australia have worked hard to deliver a range of new services that enable early identification and self-management of health conditions in the home.

Underpinning the success of integratedliving Australia’s award-winning support and programs is the organisation’s commitment to innovation and adapting a digital approach where customers are connected with the right health professionals, services, and programs, regardless of location.

Through the adaption of new technology, integratedliving Australia has removed the obstacle of distance to receive quality healthcare to participate in health programs which ultimately means they stay in their family homes and communities longer.

For more information about integratedliving Australia, visit www.integratedliving.org.au

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