It’s Time to be Kind…How one woman handled being bullied at work…and how the pandemic helped her realize her dreams.


Media Release: Wednesday 9th December 2020

T-shirt company “Kind is Cool”, started after its founder experienced workplace bullying, has recorded a record year of growth thanks to COVID-19.

When young mum, Amber Wilkinson, experienced severe bullying at work, little did she know that this would turn out to be one of the best things that ever happened to her.  Two years on from the incident and she has turned her negative experience into a message of positivity that has been embraced across the world  – all on the back of her “Kind is Cool” clothing company.

“Kind is Cool” began when Melbourne-based Amber decided to quit her job to escape bullying from her boss.  She designed a couple of t-shirts for her boys, Chet and Nash (then aged 8 and 6) to wear to school espousing the virtues of kindness to others.

Soon others began asking Amber if she would make t-shirts for their children as well… and so began a whirlwind adventure into the world of business.

“At first I used to screen print all the t-shirts myself in my garage.  But demand was such that we outgrew the garage pretty quickly.  Now we have a studio space where we do all the printing from.  It makes life a lot easier,” she said. 

Screen printing each shirt by hand isn’t as easy as you first might think.  “I taught myself to screen-print from watching YouTube.  My husband, Mick, was in charge of washing all the screens for me.  There were quite a few times the word ‘divorce’ was mentioned – not to mention several other expletives – but it was all worth it in the end, ” Amber confessed. 

Soon adults were also after the t-shirts too and soon it wasn’t just t-shirts, it was jumpers, jackets and accessories as well.  

In March 2019 Amber launched the inaugural National Kindness Day which saw celebrities such as Jimmy Barnes, Bec Judd, Kate Cebrano  all wearing her shirts to help spread the message of the importance of kindness – and to say no to bullying.  With $2 from every shirt sold going to the charity Bully Zero, Amber and her 116K Instagram followers had no trouble gaining traction.

When March 2020 rolled around, however, it was a completely different world.  “In 2020 National Kindness Day wasn’t as successful as it had been previously.  It was right at the start of the pandemic.  No one know what would happen.  Everyone was scared,”  Amber reveals.

If Amber thought that the end of her business was nigh, however, then nothing could have been further from the truth.  Despite the start of 2020 not being as successful as she might have hoped for, business soon boomed on the back of the rise of online retail and the need for more kindness and compassion right across the world. 

April 2020 also saw the brand launch in the USA, spreading the message of kindness even further around the world.  By November 2020, just seven months after launching in the US, Kind is Cool had already sold their 5000th t-shirt!

With the promise of a COVID-19 vaccine just around the corner, 2021 hopes to be a happier year for us all.  Yet Amber reminds us that the value of kindness is not something that we should ever forget. 

“Everyone has their own things to deal with – always – but often we don’t think of that.  In 2020 everyone across the world was dealing with something and it made people stop and think just how important it was to be kind to each other.  We may find a way to fight COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean that all our problems will disappear and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should stop being kind to each other,”  she said.

“Kindness never goes out of style.  It never goes out of fashion… and it never should either,” Amber said.

You can find more about Kind is Cool at

Further information:

  • Kind is Cool donates $2 from every t-shirt sold to anti-bullying charity, Bully Zero
  • Products are all 100% cotton and shipped using biodegradable packaging
  • Kind is Cool have recently launched their Christmas line including “Deck the Halls” women’s t-shirt and “Bring on the Baubles” unisex sloppy joe and t-shirt 

Amber Wilkinson is available for interview
For further information, please contact Sally Symonds,
Director, Public Relations That Actually Works
0417 727 625


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