New Dysphagia-Friendly Cookbook

New Dysphagia-Friendly Cookbook | Aged Care Weekly

Are you looking for some dysphagia-friendly recipe inspiration for yourself or a loved one? Master of Speech Pathology students at Griffith University recently released a free cookbook for people with the common condition.

Easy Recipes for People with Dysphagia

Beyond the Blender: Dysphagia Made Easy has 30 easy recipes that cater for soft, minced and moist, and puree diets. Griffith University researcher Simone Howells, who oversaw the book, says it is designed to help people with dysphagia continue to enjoy mealtimes and social eating.

“It’s our hope that these recipes can be enjoyed not only by people with dysphagia, but also those around them so that everyone is sitting down to the same meal and the stigma of living with dysphagia is a thing of the past,” Howells says.

Howells became aware of the need for new, interesting recipes for people on modified diets when she was working in aged care as a speech pathologist. “I was often asked for recipe and meal ideas for people on modified diets and I felt like there weren’t a lot of practical resources available in this area. Those that were available were expensive or very outdated.” Now, she wants her students at Griffith University to enter the workforce with practical skills in dysphagia-friendly meal options.

Champion of aged care mealtime experience, The Lantern Project, featured the cookbook on its Facebook page, describing it as “Another way to help improve the joy of food for those with swallowing difficulties”.

That said, try making the trifle or baked custard for Christmas! Beyond the Blender is free to download here.


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