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Stay Independent! How A Shipping Container Granny Flat Can Help

Stay Independent! How A Shipping Container Granny Flat Can Help

Not everyone in their twilight years needs to reside in an aged care facility, or even a retirement village for that matter. Retirement villages might be great for some, but they’re not for everybody. You might want to be closer to your family instead of shooting the breeze with other retirees, but at the same time you don’t want to feel like you’re intruding on their lives or them on yours. So what’s the answer? A Shipping Container Granny Flat Can Help.

Granny Flat

The quintessential granny flat has often been the most practical solution to this dilemma, but building a granny flat from scratch in the backyard of your son’s, daughter’s, or grandchild’s home can amount to a huge expense.

If you’re fortunate enough that a granny flat already exists, then life is sweet, but if there isn’t a granny flat already available, what’s an affordable alternative to constructing a conventional self-contained residence where you get to enjoy your independence whilst still being close to your loved ones?

Build one out of Shipping Containers

When you first hear

Shipping Container cCartoon

about constructing any sort of residential structure out of shipping containers, it may sound a bit left of centre, but constructing all sorts of buildings from cargo containers is becoming increasingly more popular.

Some people build entire houses out of shipping containers. Here we are just talking about a relatively small, self-contained granny flat. Not an entire home.

So why choose shipping containers as a construction material?

Advantages and Benefits of Shipping Containers as Granny Flats

Helps the Environment

For starters, if you construct a granny flat out of second hand, disused shipping containers, you’re first doing the environment a favour by recycling all that metal for a new, and very cool purpose. Anything we can do these days to be more environmentally friendly is always a positive step.

The two most common sizes for shipping containers is the 20ft container and the 40ft container. Now that’s  a lot of steel getting recycled each time a used shipping container is repurposed.

Build With New Containers

That’s not to say that the granny flat can only be built from used containers only. If you wish you can construct your backyard residence from brand new shipping containers. One big advantage of using new containers is you won’t have any concerns about what’s been transported or stored in them in the past.

Save Time On the Construction

A huge advantage when building with shipping containers is the walls, ceiling and floors are already there, whether you opt for new or used cargo containers, or even a combination of the two. It’s just a matter of modifying the containers to suit the requirements of your granny flat.

Shipping container homes are really fast to build, and you’ll be enjoying your brand new and unique granny flat sooner than you think.

Shipping Containers Are Super Tough and Durable

Shipping containers are built tough and built to last. You would be hard pressed to find a stronger construction material than the solid steel that a container is made of. This ensures your granny flat will stand the test of time as well as offering a very secure home environment for peace of mind.

Even the nastiest of storms is unlikely to trouble your granny flat when constructed from tough, durable and heavy shipping containers.

They look great

A shipping container granny flat can look fantastic – not at all like a big meta box.  Look at some of these examples: https://www.pinterest.com.au/tinkaberry/20-foot-shipping-container-granny-flat/

Off-Site Conversions

Depending on your circumstances and the layout of the property where the granny flat will be built, many of the modifications can be done off-site in a factory. This makes construction faster and easier, and saves you and your family from having to deal with the building process for at least some of the construction.

Off-site conversions are particularly useful for people who live in more remote areas, as the cost of having tradies travel to the location day in and day out will add to the construction costs exponentially.

Multi Container Construction

How many shipping containers you’ll need to build your new granny flat will depend on your personal requirements and the size of the containers being used.

One major advantage of shipping containers in their basic form is their uniform rectangular shape. They tend to fit together like Lego, and are easily stacked one on top of the other, if you fancy a two storey granny flat.

You could build a granny flat in an L shape, or arrange two containers side by side for a more expansive living space. Or maybe all you really need is one converted 40ft shipping container decked out like a camper-van or RV.

There are many options when you put your mind to it.

Constructing From Shipping Containers Is More Affordable

Earlier we talked about how much of the construction is already done when you first get the containers. This helps to reduce the costs of construction in a major way.

Of course there will be modifications, power, plumbing and everything to go into it, but the majority of the structure is already built and just needs to be reworked and finished off.

Building with shipping containers can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on the entire project, which is massive savings.

The takeaway

Building a granny flat from shipping containers is a cost-effective solution that also saves on construction time. Not only will you end up with a beautiful and very unique living space, you’ll be helping the environment in the process.

No doubt your new shipping container granny flat will prove to be a major talking point among friends, family and the neighbours.

Some people might imagine a granny flat made out of a steel cargo container to look like some rectangular monstrosity; and it would if it wasn’t converted and modified.

But you’ll be amazed what can be achieved with a little imagination and when you team up with people who are masters of shipping container modification.

There’s no need to move into a retirement village if that’s not what you want. A shipping container granny flat will give you independence while still being close to those who matter to you most.

Infographic courtesy Tiger Containers


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