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How Aged Care & Elderly Friendly is Heathmont, Victoria 3135

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Heathmont, Victoria 3135 is suited to the active retiree, aged care resident and their aged carer.

For a start, Heathmont is only lightly serviced by public transport. In fact, it has only one train station and one bus service. The train station is situated on the main strip of Canterbury Road. Helpfully, Canterbury Road runs through the centre of the suburb. Plus, the train station is situated in the middle, making it accessible to everyone. The bus line, number 679, runs from Ringwood via Canterbury Rd, to Lilydale Train Station; then via Maroondah Hwy to the terminus at Chirnside Park Shopping Centre. Chirnside Park has the largest variety of majors and discount department stores in the area including Kmart, Target, Safeway, Coles and Aldi. The Centre features a greengrocer, butcher, fishmonger, baker and poultry store. With over 110 speciality stores across fashion, homewares and essential services, Chirnside Park will keep you busy for hours. The centre all features an 8 screen Cinema. Plus, restaurants such as Jamaica Blue, Noodle Box, Nando’s and Subway will keep you well fed. Best of all, Chirnside park supports a weekly walking group, and wheelchair users are welcome!

Also, Heathmont is well serviced for medical services. There are several excellent clinics in the area, such as the Heathmont General Practice. Plus, there are all within walking distance of the train station and bus bus, on the shopping strip of Canterbury Road. However, Heathmont does not have a major private or public hospital. Perhaps that is a good thing, from a congestion perspective. Importantly, there are several hospitals nearby. These include Ringwood Private, Knox Private and Mitcham Private hospitals. Maroondah Hospital, part of Eastern Health, is the nearest Public Hospital.

In summary, Heathmont is a leafy, suburban area. Medium density, quality brick housing defines the area. Further, several parks and walks are scattered throughout the area. However, the area is better suited to those with access to transport since public transport is not heavily covered. This is normal for an area this far from the city centre. Finally, Heathmont is on the doorstep of the Yarra Valley. As such, if you like wine, drives, walks and a ‘country feel’, Heathmont is worth a closer look.

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Greenway Gardens Heathmont is a 47 bed ageing in place residential aged care facility has been purpose built and designed to provide support to people with increasing care needs. In fact our facility includes 17 dementia specific beds.

Furthermore, each of the residents’ rooms are beautifully decorated and include features such as large windows, each with a unique view of the Greenway gardens and surrounding landscape. Better still, each room has a private en-suite bathroom, spacious built-in robes, hydronic heating controls and ceiling fans for personal temperature control, adjustable beds and phone points. All this makes for a very comfortable home. Also, there are emergency call bells in both the bedroom and the en-suite to ensure safety for your loved one. Even better, there are also 7 independent living units that are co-located.

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