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Ways and Places To Celebrate a 60th Birthday In Australia

Ways and Places To Celebrate a 60th Birthday In Australia

There are several ways and places to celebrate as 60th birthday in Australia. After all, reaching this age is a milestone worth throwing a party for! So, if a family member or a friend is approaching the diamond age, these birthday celebration tips are worth trying.

Tips to Throw A 60th Birthday Any Senior Will Love

Believe it or not, seniors still enjoy having their own birthday party.  So, better gather the rest of the folks and celebrate your senior loved one’s longevity. Just make sure to not put them in the backseat. This is actually what happens most of the time. Friends and family members tend to end up forgetting why there is a celebration in the first place. Remember, it is their amazing years that everyone’s celebrating, so it is appropriate to make them the centre of it.

Now, how can everybody make sure that they’re hosting a really special 60th birthday for their senior loved one?

While it is understandable to want an extravagant celebration for the senior, it is best to err on the side of simplicity.

#1 Know What The Senior Wants

The likely success of the event is higher when you consider the wants of the birthday boy or girl. Whether they are involved in planning the party or not, it is crucial to spend time finding out what they would like. What makes them happy? What food do they enjoy eating? All these questions and more need answers straight from the celebrant. Once you understand their wants, you can then incorporate these into the birthday party.

#2 Keep It Simple

While it is understandable to want an extravagant celebration for the senior, it is best to err on the side of simplicity. Besides, the elderly tend to appreciate simple, little things in life. This means you don’t have to spend much for a fireworks display or a marching band or thousands of balloons! The mere thought that you will gather all the important people in their lives together to celebrate their special occasion is enough.

#3 Use The Right Music

Background music is another aspect worth planning. Good music sets the scene and keeps the mood lively. Just be sure to play music that the senior enjoys hearing and dancing to.

#4 Invite The Perfect Guests

This is another critical aspect of the birthday celebration. While everyone wants to have their own guest list, the perfect guests are those close to the celebrant’s heart. So, forget about the rest. Better trim down the honoraries to those who are important to the senior celebrant.

Best Places to Celebrate a 60th Birthday In Australia

There are tons of great places in Australia to celebrate a senior’s 60th birthday. The choices are endless if everyone agrees to skip the house or the aged care home as the event place. Here are some handpicked places to host the party at.

1. Breakfast by the Beach in Sydney

What better way to greet a senior on their birthday than by having a private breakfast by the beach? Surprise them by arranging a breakfast with family members and select friends. In Sydney, for example, perfect spots include The Boathouse in Palm Beach, North Bondi RSL, Bird and Bear Boathouse in Beare Park, and Trio in Bondi. The Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel, Coogee Pavillion, and Anvil Coffee Co in Kirribilli are a must-try too. Wherever you are based around Australia’s coastline, there will be beachside locations like these.

2. Luncheon at the Best Local Restaurants in Melbourne

Treat the senior celebrant to good food on their birthday. Reserve a table or two and invite over some special friends over a luncheon. There are amazing restaurants in Melbourne too to hold the small gathering in so there’s no need to travel far. These include Scopri, Maha, The French Brasserie, The Press Club, and the Flower Drum. They can also indulge in mouthwatering dishes at the Vue de Monde, Sezar, Rare Steakhouse Uptown, and Supernormal.

3. Birthday Cruise on Sydney harbour

Seniors who would love adventure on their 60th birthday will enjoy celebrating it in a cruise ship. Good Time Harbour Cruises can help in organizing a memorable birthday party for an elderly celebrant. The package can range from a simple 4-hour cruise at Sydney Harbour to all-in dining to full entertainment. Feel free to ask them about what suits the celebrant best.

What about other locations across Australia?

Why not add your comments below, telling us about your favourite places to spend with your elderly loved ones? We would love to learn of those hidden gems that particularly suit elderly or retiree needs.


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